In today's society, the need for positive identification of applicants and the verification of the existence of any criminal record is of paramount importance. This is particularly true for positions where applicants will be in close contact with children but it is also important for licensing requirements such as gun permits, securities and exchange, insurance, banking and a variety of positions with governmental agencies. Fingerprint based background checks are the only means for positive identification of applicants for these types of positions.

Historically, being able to have fingerprints taken for applicant purposes has been very problematic. Law enforcement agencies have more limited funding and staffing than ever and many no longer provide this service at all. With no company specializing in providing these services in Connecticut, applicants had difficulty having their fingerprints taken, considerably delaying the application process.

Realizing the need to offer these services, BIS started servicing citizens across Connecticut with our on-site fingerprinting operations in 2006. Since that time, we have opened an office in Wethersfield and we currently provide fingerprinting and notary services at numerous police departments on a regular schedule. Additionally we have expanded our fleet of on-site vans and have acquired additional sets of FBI Certified Electronic Live Scan fingerprinting equipment to better serve our customers state-wide.

Applicants can go to any of our regularly scheduled fingerprinting locations Monday through Saturday (see Fingerprinting Locations). We also offer group and appointment fingerprinting at our offices as well as specialized on-site services anywhere in Connecticut for groups of ten or more applicants for any purpose. We provide all equipment including Connecticut and FBI Applicant Fingerprint Cards and we can perform our services on dates and times that are convenient for the customer.