B has offices in Wethersfield and group and appointment fingerprinting are also conducted here. Regular hours for fingerprinting and notary services are held at various locations around Connecticut. Please see our “Fingerprinting Locations” section for specific days and times.

BIS also accepts appointments for on-site fingerprinting at the customer's location at dates and times that are convenient for the both the customer and their applicants. This service is provided across Connecticut and can be scheduled during the daytime, evening or on Saturdays as our schedule permits. Appointments for on-site services are made by contacting our office and requesting same.

Whether at our offices, at one of our regular fingerprinting locations or at the customer's own site, we provide trained, experienced and courteous personnel who are there to serve the customer's needs. We utilize state of the art FBI Certified Electronic Live Scan Fingerprinting Equipment and have the capability to print a variety of applicant fingerprint cards on our FBI Certified printers. All State of Connecticut and FBI applicant fingerprint cards are provided as part of our service and our results are guaranteed. For special circumstances requiring such, we have the capability to take inked fingerprints as well at all of our locations.

BIS uses vans to transport our equipment to our regular fingerprinting locations as well as to on-site visits. In addition to our scanners and printers, we also have tables, chairs and other items available for situations needing such. All that is required for on-site operations is a 110 volt power source.

BIS also offers a special service to tutoring companies and other groups that are required to keep copies of fingerprint cards for verification of applicants being fingerprinted. This service includes copying of cards, logging of cards and delivery of cards to the State Police Bureau of Identification for faster processing. The cost for this service is listed in the “Our Fees” section.